Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Music is powerful because it impacts the heart and engages with the beautiful creative side of every human being. I strongly believe that we as humans all have a natural musical instinct and a hunger for the arts inside us. But often times, we are not aware of this until we learn how to let it shine. As a piano teacher and educator, I seek to help students to find their own unique voice through performance, and most importantly, achieve an appreciation of music for a lifetime.

During my private lessons and group class instructions, students will develop self-discipline, an ability to understand music analysis, and a strong technical foundation and creativty in their performances. To encourage this, I choose repertoire and assignments that are appropriate to the students’ development, level, and interests, but also challenging enough to foster motivation in their practice.

I provide clear instructions and solidify students’ experiences both during and outside of lesson times to encourage a consistent improvement. Students in my studio are led with positive feedback in each lesson and an organized plan to meet their both short-term and long-term goals. Most importantly, I thrive in providing inclusive instruction to students of all levels and stages of life. My duty as a performer and music educator is to bring the hearts of this diverse world into one powerful force, unified in the love for music.

In my teaching philosophy, it is very important to meet every individual student’s needs, and respect their stage of learning experience at all times. I pursue to inspire students to build perseverance and strive to work to their best ability of success both as an individual and team. My ultimate goal as an educator is to help students discover the unique artistry inside each of them, and develop their passion for music and the arts.